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High quality D-infraluciferin methyl ester sales launch update 27.03.24:

We are aiming for just after Easter 2024 to launch sales of the substrate.

To remind bioluminescence imaging (BLI) users of the advantages of switching to infraluciferin from natural firefly luciferin:

1. Better in vivo quantification (much less tissue or haemoglobin attenuation of signals).

2. Better in vivo image rendering (much less scatter in NIR range).

3. Ability for robust dual parameter (i.e. two simultaneous cell types; two gene expressions) and in future 3-parameter BLI deep in mammals.

So in summary: accelerate your research 2-fold, get more relevant in vivo information and reduce your animal use 2-fold (currently).

The price for one 40 mg aliquot of D-infraluciferin me ester will be £427 and it will allow BLI of 10-20 mice (depending on choice of beetle luciferase used - see below) and up to 1250 cell assays with 100 ul of 1 mM substrate per well in PBS.

Please get in touch ( if you want help setting your lab up with robust dual parameter BLI using our colour shifted and stable enzymes that have improved properties with infraluciferin. We can provide DNA which is human codon optimised for dual far-red and NIR colour variants.

Kits for specific biomedical applications, enhanced enzymes and multiplexed vectors for in vitro assays will follow via our short-term R&D pipeline.