About us

About Bioflares Ltd

Company name: Bioflares Ltd.
Company number: 13312560
Director: Dr. Amit P. Jathoul
Email: customerservices@bioflares.com

Bioflares' Vision:

We hope to catalyse the development of synthetic biomedicine: up to 6 parameter logic revealed in vitro (no cell lysis) or 9 parameter (with lysis) and related 3-4 parameter in vivo in future using multiparametric bioluminescence diagnostics and imaging, respectively
We solve unique sets of problems for our customers in the scientific community and industry by offering the first commercial in vivo preclinical dual colour near-infrared BLI technology for sale and potential for an explosion in the applications of bioluminescence for multiparameter detection and imaging, even clinically. This is primarily a biomedical research acceleration technology based around a chemical compound called infraluciferin (for which Bioflares Ltd holds the patent rights) and novel engineered high activity and multi-wavelength infraluciferase enzymes. This technology has immediate applications in preclinical cancer, stem cell, gene therapy, vaccinology and biological development research both in animals, and in cells, so that in future we can eliminate animal use from science. We also aim to eliminate the use of radiation in human cancer imaging. Biomedicine helps us overcome innumerable diseases and improves the quality of our lives by unravelling how mammalian life is composed and functions, or fixing its faults. Our proprietary non-invasive technology enables scientists and doctors to quickly and easily carry out more complex, clear and accurate bioimaging studies than currently possible in whole living mammals, like simultaneous in vivo testing of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell cancer effectors and targets, or 2-3 types of stem-cells, or 2-3 different genes for gene therapy or vaccine development. Faster and better science requires better navigation through complex biological seas, so for medical adventures in a better world scientists need Bioflares

Thank you for interest in the bioluminescence technologies provided by Bioflares. Below, you can find some information about our Founder and Director, as well as some literature references about infraluciferin and luciferase engineering. In time Bioflares aim to bring you more exciting new products along with lower prices for our existing range. We will be releasing new different infraluciferin analogues (free-acid and esters), new enzymes and kits for biomedical and diagnostic applications

Brief Director Bio:  Dr. Jathoul did his Ph.D in Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge (Pembroke College) engineering firefly luciferase (May 2008 Thesis: ‘Activity of firefly luciferase with 6’-amino-D-luciferin’). In postdoctoral work at UCL he engineered enzymes for bioluminescence imaging, invented infraluciferin and developed molecular-genetic tools for photoacoustic imaging (e.g. he invented ‘E2 crimson NF’) . He moved to Cardiff University in July 2014 as a fellow and then lecturer in Biochemistry/ Synthetic Biology until May 2020, when he sought to spin-out Bioflares. Now he works commercialising and developing infraluciferin and luciferin-based technologies, and their applications for Bioflares

For selected literature references on infraluciferin click here