Terms, conditions, shipping and returns

1. Terms, conditions, shipping and returns

1.1. Special terms and conditions

Special terms and conditions ("Terms and conditions") listed below are specific to pre-orders, sales, shipping and returns of D-infraluciferin methyl ester. They are also specific to orders, sales and delivery via email of non-refundable (once sent) enzyme protein sequences on Bioflares.com. General terms and conditions which also apply on Bioflares.com can be found here.


1.2. Terms and conditions of orders and pre-orders

Pre-orders can be placed for products that are not yet available for sale until the expected release date ("Pre-order"), which is indicated for specific products on Bioflares.com. Full payment is collected by Bioflares Ltd at the time of order or pre-order in the United Kingdom ("UK"). By placing an order or pre-order on Bioflares.com, or via telephone you agree to these special terms and conditions. Payment is also taken at the point of order or pre-order outside of the UK, but is subject to a validation process (see 1.3.).

1.3. Terms and conditions of international orders and payments

International sales ("International orders") are those orders placed on Bioflares.com or over the telephone to Bioflares Ltd from locations outside of the UK. International orders are only open business-to-business (B2B) to business customers. International customers must provide a relevant VAT registration number (or other acceptable official evidence of incorporation), telephone number (including a country identification code telephone number prefix) and valid correspondence email address. Customers can check with their specific government department for acceptable forms of evidence of incorporation.

Order confirmation does not guarantee sale. To complete international orders, an order validation process is carried out. It is the duty of customers to provide valid information, including current and valid contact information, a VAT registration number, email address and phone number. This can be carried out during sign-up to the website or during checkout. We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason. Customers providing an invalid VAT registration number (with no additional evidence of incorporation) will be refunded (see 1.7.- 1.9.). An order validation email is sent for successful orders after the initial order confirmation email. In the case of protein sequences, they will be sent to customers with the order validation email. They should arrive within 2 hrs, but in certain cases may take up to 24 hrs. Help with this procedure can be obtained by emailing customerservices@bioflares.com.

1.4. Terms and conditions of protein sequence products

Sequences are unpublished and experimental. Their purchase and use is at the risk of the customer. Once purchased and sent from Bioflares Ltd, all protein sequences are non-refundable. By ordering protein sequences from Bioflares Ltd, customers agree to this term. Once sold on Bioflares.com, protein sequences may be utilised and/ or altered for use in laboratory research and development, but they may not be re-sold in their native forms. For citation, please state that sequences were purchased from Bioflares Ltd, Bristol, UK. We offer no guarantee of the success in experiments and models and Bioflares Ltd is not responsible or liable for any negative scientific results obtained using Bioflares Ltd products.

1.5. Shipping terms and conditions

1.5.1. General shipping terms and conditions for orders

All orders are sent at a single fixed shipping rate, depending on location and these are stated during checkout on Bioflares.com. From time to time, the shipping rates quoted may be subject to change and in such cases customers will be notified. If you would like to alter or negotiate the shipping method and/ or price, please email customerservices@bioflares.com. Customers will be informed by email when their orders have been despatched ("Despatch notification email"). For locations in the UK, and in the European Union ("EU"), in most cases physical orders will arrive by the afternoon of the next day. Outside of the UK and EU (or for more distant destinations within the EU), this may vary (see 1.6.). Some orders take 2 days. Tubes containing D-infraluciferin methyl ester (a "Product" or "Compound") will be sent packaged inside 2 frozen disposable cold packs in a 2 kg package of dimensions 33, 31 and 16cm (length, width, height). It may arrive at your location at ambient temperature but should immediately be stored in a freezer at less than -15 degrees Celsius until required (see the user manual for more information, which is available via a link in order confirmation emails for orders or pre-orders placed on Bioflares.com). Descriptions of shipping times of specific products can be found during checkout at Bioflares.com. Please provide a delivery contact name ("contact name") an accurate shipping address of your relevant deliveries/ stores/ estates department. Alternatively, customers may provide the address of a reception to which deliveries can be sent, at your office/ lab address. The location must be accessible by delivery couriers and all orders must be signed for upon delivery at location. During checkout, additional details may be provided such as specific instructions, the delivery contact name and telephone number of your delivery recipient. These instructions will be provided to delivery drivers to ensure packages arrive with customers in a timely manner. Bioflares does not accept any responsibility for delays in shipping, receipt and/ or improper post-arrival storage of products.

1.5.2. Shipping terms and conditions for pre-orders

Products pre-ordered on Bioflares.com are sent to customers when they become available for sale by Bioflares Ltd. The date indicated as the release date for items advertised on Bioflares.com is subject to availability (the "Release date") and subject to change without notice, therefore delivery is not guaranteed by this date. If such cases occur (see 1.6.), we will endeavour to contact customers promptly via email to keep them informed of any delays. Bioflares Ltd is not liable for changes to release dates on Bioflares.com.

1.6. Delivery terms and conditions

Upon arrival of D-infraluciferin methyl ester customers should carefully look over the packaging and contents and check if anything is missing or damaged (in which case, retain all packaging/ contents and contact customerservices@bioflares.com). If all is intact, retain the Bioflares packaging until you have carried out experiments with the product.

Please see sections 1.6.1- 1.6.3 below for location-specific terms and conditions for Delivery of orders placed on Bioflares.com. Occasionally, delays in shipping may occur. In such cases (either pre-delivery or during delivery), we will endeavour to contact customers promptly via email to keep them informed of any delays. Bioflares does not accept any responsibility for delays during the shipping or delivery of products. Bioflares Ltd explicitly does not accept any responsibility or liability for conditions that lead to damage to, or loss of our products, or events post-despatch that are due to improper handling, delivery, use or storage. These are conditions that do not conform to those set out in user manuals on products provided by Bioflares Ltd and/ or information obtainable on the Bioflares.com website.

1.6.1. Delivery to areas where standard next day delivery is offered on Bioflares.com (UK and EU*)

Orders before 2.00 PM (London, UK time) on a given day will be sent the same day and arrive by 12.00 PM (London, UK time) the next day. Orders after 2.00 PM (London, UK time) on a Thursday will be sent the following Monday to arrive the following Tuesday by 12.00 AM (London, UK time). If you would like this altered, e.g. for quicker delivery, or for delivery over the weekend, please email customerservices@bioflares.com. *This applies to the majority of locations within the EU. These timings are subject to change in which case customers will be notified.

1.6.2. Delivery to areas where standard 2 day delivery is offered on Bioflares.com

Orders after 2.00 PM (London, UK time) on a Wednesday will be shipped the following Monday to arrive by the afternoon of the following Wednesday. This applies in the United States in locations spanning from Boston to California. Orders to these locations will take 2 days to arrive. For example, an order placed before a Wednesday (before 2.00 PM, London, UK time) will arrive by the afternoon the following Friday, the same week the order was placed. These timings are subject to change in which case customers will be notified.

1.6.3. Delivery of orders on Bioflares.com to other areas (not mentioned in 1.6.1. or 1.6.2.)

Orders to some more distant locations offered on Bioflares.com may take 3 days or more to arrive and in these cases: orders after 2.00 PM (London, UK time) on a Tuesday will be shipped the following Monday to arrive by the afternoon of the following Thursday. Orders to these locations will take 3 days to arrive. For example, an order placed on a Tuesday (before 2.00 PM, London, UK time) will arrive by the afternoon the following Friday, the same week the order was placed. For some specific examples of shipping to more distant locations: orders from China before 2.00 PM (London, UK time) on Monday will be sent immediately as to arrive by the end of Friday of the same week. Orders at any other time will arrive the following week. Delivery to Brazil may take up to 8 days. Delivery to New Zealand takes up to 7 days. Deliver to India takes up to 6 days. If businesses in India order on a Monday by 2.00 PM (London, UK time), orders may arrive at your place of work or study the following Saturday, otherwise they will arrive the following week. Deliveries to some locations, for example, to some regions of North India, may take longer (up to 11 days). We regretfully cannot supply D-infraluciferin methyl ester to Australia and Switzerland as of yet. Get in touch with customerservices@bioflares.com if you would like the supply to these locations expedited. These timings are subject to change in which case customers will be notified.

1.7. Cancellation and refund terms and conditions

Pre-orders and orders of D-infraluciferin methyl ester may be cancelled by customers or Bioflares Ltd without reason at anytime prior to Bioflares Ltd sending the Despatch notification email for the order to customers. In the case of protein sequence orders, these may be cancelled without reason by either party prior to the Customer validation email being sent to customers. At these points, customers will receive a full refund to their accounts. As protein sequences are sent as an attachment in the Customer validation email. The protein sequences are entirely non-refundable once the Customer validation email has been sent by Bioflares Ltd (see 1.8.).

1.8. Returns and refund terms and conditions

Customers wishing to return an item should contact customerservices@bioflares.com or the telephone number provided on the Bioflares.com website with their order number, Bioflares product catalogue number and a brief reason for return. A Returned Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) number must be obtained by customers from customerservices@bioflares.com or over the telephone (see 1.8.1. and 1.8.2.). Bioflares customer services will fill in an RMA form with the details provided by customers and in valid circumstances will arrange return shipping and refund. The majority of valid refunds will be carried out within 24 hours. In some cases, this may take longer (up-to 28 days).

1.8.1. Terms and conditions for return of D-infraluciferin methyl ester

In cases of Bioflares error (such as order not delivered, or delivered incomplete or incorrect) customers should retain any packaging and contents (and store them in the interim as stated in the Bioflares user manual), and contact Bioflares. In such cases, D-infraluciferin methyl ester may be returned within 28 days of delivery if (i) the compound tubes have not been opened (with seals unbroken) - except in the case of the delivery of an incorrect product, (ii) the compound has been correctly stored according to the user manual, (iii) the packaging has been retained and (iv) an RMA number must be obtained by customers from customerservices@bioflares.com or over the telephone. After 28 days from delivery in such cases (of Bioflares error), or if compound tubes have been opened, buyers understand that this amounts to usage and therefore D-infraluciferin methyl ester cannot be returned for a refund.

Returns from customers with valid RMA numbers should be made with packaging and products intact and unopened, or in accordance with the conditions agreed with customer services during the issuance of the RMA number for the return. In some circumstances, such as opening and/ or partial use of products, mis-handling, mis-use or improper storage, customers may not receive an RMA number or may incur a 20% restocking fee. In such cases, customer services will explain the reason to customers and help them look for a solution. In certain cases this may involve a one-off discount coupon usable on Bioflares.com.

1.8.2. Terms and conditions for return of protein sequence products

Enzyme protein sequence products purchased on Bioflares.com are non-refundable once sent to customers in customer validation emails. The buyer understands that once purchase price has been delivered and the securities issued, there is no rescission of this agreement and no refund will be made for protein sequence products on Bioflares.com.

1.9. Additional special terms and conditions

Bioflares Ltd reserves the right to amend these Terms and conditions, and these will be updated on Bioflares.com. These Terms should be construed as to be governed according to English law. Bioflares holds the European patent for infraluciferin ("Derivatives of luciferin", WO2014162157A1). Any disputes or proceedings shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts by English law and shall be in the English Language.