Exclusive enzyme sequences

Infraluciferase (iluc) enzymes for brighter imaging with infraluciferin

Bioflares are proud to give free* access to better enabling enzymes for enhanced dual-parameter near-infrared (NIR) bioluminescence imaging (BLI): 1st generation infraluciferases (ilucs)

The iluc1 enzymes and colour derivatives are better described in a recent paper in Frontiers of Bioengineering and Biotechnology

1. *Brighter: Sent automatically to pre-orders:
First generation iluc1 and colour derivatives protein sequences and information booklet (9 sequences + how to get the DNA).
Bioflares catalogue number: BFRSilucSEQ01

2. £2500: 3 experimental 2nd generation ilucX (with theoretical ilucX backbone colour derivatives) protein sequences and information booklet. Bioflares catalogue number: BFRSilucSEQ02

3. £2500: 3 experimental 2nd generation ilucX2 (with theoretical ilucX2 backbone colour derivatives) protein sequences and information booklet. Bioflares catalogue number: BFRSilucSEQ03

Imaging ilucX and ilucX2 in E.coli (same LUT settings for all 4 pictures):


Imaging new exclusive ilucX and ilucX2 framework sequences in E.coli BL21 cells

The experimental ilucX and ilucX2 sequences are promising, with 40-, and 100-fold higher activities with infraluciferin in E. coli than wild-type (WT) luciferase, respectively. This data is based on preliminary engineering results from E. coli and they were not further tested as enzymes or in human cells. In our experience results in E. coli translate well to human cells and in vivo with infraluciferin so they are available for model development, but their purchase and use is at your own risk. They could lead to novel higher impact work for your model, but we can offer no guarantees. A baseline to test against could be the x11 derivative sequences as used in Stowe et al., 2019 (Elife 8: e45801): ‘FLuc green’ and ‘FLuc red’ (which are also provided in info packs as controls) and/ or the 1st generation ilucs

For dual parameter in vivo imaging we suggest trying the blue-shifted ilucX2 paired with the red-shifted ilucX and using the shifted dual colour pairs of x11 (as in Stowe et al., 2019) and iluc1 (Jathoul et al., 2022) as baseline controls. All these sequences are provided upon purchase


Near-infrared emission of brighter ilucX and ilucX2 sequences

*iluc1 and colour derivative protein sequences can be obtained free of charge by emailing customerservices@bioflares.com


For selected literature references on infraluciferin click here