Exclusive enzyme sequences

Infraluciferase (iluc) enzymes for brighter imaging with infraluciferin

Bioflares are proud to give free* access to better enabling enzymes for enhanced dual-parameter near-infrared (NIR) bioluminescence imaging (BLI): 1st generation infraluciferases (ilucs)

The iluc1 enzymes and colour derivatives are better described in a recent paper in Frontiers of Bioengineering and Biotechnology

*Brighter: We suggest using the dual colour pairs as recommended in our protein sequences information booklet (free download on our home page), however, you might want to try iluc1green paired with x11red2 for in vivo BLI

x11 green, x11 red2 and first generation iluc1 and colour derivative dsDNA (1000ng)

1. Choose your organism of choice (for DNA codon optimisation)

2. Choose your restriction site or cloning method of choice

3. Get a quote and delivery estimate from us for dsDNA

Please state the enzyme names or Bioflares catalogue numbers you require in your email:

x11 green: Bioflares catalogue number: BFRSdsDNA01

x11 red2: Bioflares catalogue number: BFRSdsDNA02

iluc1 green: Bioflares catalogue number: BFRSdsDNA03

iluc1 red: Bioflares catalogue number: BFRSdsDNA04



*iluc1 and colour derivative protein sequences can be obtained free of charge


For selected literature references on infraluciferin click here